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Tom Richardson Ph.D.
Email | Phone: (415) 346-6599

I have been practicing for 30 years. I am an analyst and faculty member of the C. G. Jung Institute where I teach and supervise.
My courses include "The Dream in the Room",
"Fear of Breakdown" and "The Search for a New Beginning". 

I am a practicing painter and poet.


Individual Therapy and Analysis 

I help people live more fully. I work with the basic issues of hope and dread: our hope to connect with others and our fears that we will be hurt again in ways that we have been before. By becoming aware of these opposites, we learn to hold our feelings and gain a new perspective. Being able to think about our implicit beliefs and fears fosters an ability to feel and choose more freely.

Working with your dreams helps you enter a creative process that informs the rest of your life.

Couples Therapy 

I help couples with communication – connection – and commitment. I am privileged to help people, young and old, have better relationships and become who they were meant to be. We listen to the stories that emerge within the therapeutic hour and then work through blocks and help you accept yourself and select a partner who is also accepting.


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