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Ask yourself:

Are you depressed or worried about intimate
relationships? About work? About parenting?

Do you find that feelings of meaninglessness
take hold even though your life seems good?

Do you struggle with sexual issues, old traumas,
or addictions that you just can't move beyond?

Are you unable to stop yourself
from worrying about your finances?


Adult Psychotherapy, Couples Psychotherapy and Counseling, Adolescent Psychotherapy, Child Psychotherapy 

We do not get to choose when, where, and in what way life challenges us. We may suffer with our relationships or our work, with sexual issues or physical illness, with old traumas, addictions, or a lost sense of meaning to life. At some time, often in response to suffering that comes into our life, we all wonder who and what we are.

We are four psychotherapists who are also certified as Jungian analysts. Each of us has been in private practice for over 25 years. In the presence of a trained, empathic, and compassionate Jungian analyst, new and unexpected perspectives on your difficulties can come to light that can enable you to change in substantial and constructive ways.

We each have a creative center outside of our awareness that guides our lives. This center, much larger than the parts of us with which we are familiar, is the wellspring of our aliveness. Jung called this center the Self. It emerges in the safe container of a deep therapy relationship. Jungian analysts are especially trained to recognize the signs of your creative potential and then to help you align more closely with the needs and intentions of your deeper self. When the self appears and collaborates with you and your therapist, it brings the life energy of your whole being to the resolving of life issues. Aspects of yourself that initially seemed to be adversaries can transform into allies.

We invite your inquiry.

"Wisdom cannot be taught by words. It is only possible by personal contact and by immediate experience."
-C. G. Jung


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